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Team building, right-sized.

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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Trixie, before. You'll have to visit the Verde Blog for the rest of the story.

Last week I spent in Durango, Colorado, getting to know part of my new team of co-workers and clients I’ll be working with at Verde PR & Consulting.  It was a whirlwind… definitely not an example of my finest work / life balance, by any stretch… but sometimes that’s necessary, and it was necessary last week.  Nothing like joining a PR agency approximately a month before Outdoor Retailer…  um… yeah.  It’s going to be a busy ramp-up.

That said, I tucked into the little outbuilding in the backyard to take calls and work today, since the inside of the house is still in remodel mode, and I fell head over heels for working in the little finished shed I’ve taken to calling “the birdhouse.”  The plan was for it to be the guestroom, and for me to have my office inside, but after a day out here with the door open and the breeze tickling the leaves on the cherry tree and the sun coming in through the skylights overhead… popping into the house when I need to, but leaving my work outside… we’ve already changed our plans.  When we’re all done, we’ll have a workspace out here in this bright, cheery little space, with a murphy bed for extended stay guests; and when we have said extended stay guests (or when it’s too cold to work outside of the main house), I’ll work at a table in the second bedroom / music room / overflow guest room.  And I really like that plan.  A lot.

Last week while I was in Durango, there were a lot of good signs… one that will stick with me is the way the team responded when I submitted an unsolicited blog post for the Verde blog about my first week at work.  I actually wrote it thinking I’d use it here, but offered it up to my co-workers first… not only did they want to use it, but the response involved all caps and exclamation points about it.  I am a sucker for enthusiasm.  So, enjoy!

Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.