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The build up

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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So, the weather report at Smith is perfect. We’re headed out tonight after work (after a long, long, long day of work) with Amy, Shawn (Beautiful Girls) C. and Kelly (Killer) C…. Amy doesn’t have a nickname yet, but I’m sure she will after this trip. We’re all piling into the VW. Shawn was the hold out… he didn’t like the sounds of five people in a tiny car for a seven hour car ride, but as of this morning… and I quote…

“i flip flop more than a democratic presidential candidate.”

so he’s now in. Now we’re going to have a fistfight over who gets to second Zebra/Zion.

We’ve gotten the packing down to a science… an imperfect science, but we’re getting closer. The two of us plus gear used to fill the world’s smallest RV (bummer! When I moved my blog over, I lost that post… my VW Jetta wagon is nicknamed “the world’s smallest RV” because Chris and I sometimes camp out in the back). Now, after three-plus years of refining our packing and organization we’ve got the gear down to the small mountain above. With the two of us, we don’t even fill the roof box, now. And, there’s still plenty to trim — my personal definition of the bare minimum still includes two insulated sleeping pads, two sleeping bags, a tank top and clean underwear for each day of the trip and my percolator coffee pot, so I could definitely minimalize — but at least now we can fit us plus more climbers in our little VW.

I am pretty much bouncing off the walls. I just adore Smith Rock. I like the camping; I like being able to wash my hands to put in my contacts; I love the climbing; I’ve even grown to enjoy the hike (never thought I’d hear myself say that). We’re going with fantastic friends this trip… pretty much all of our climbing friends except for a few stubborn holdouts are coming down (and now, with Shawn in, there’s one fewer stubborn holdout). So, I’m off to offload some gear to one of the other cars; and then to try desperately to get through my day-job to-do list so that I can leave with a clear conscience. Have a great weekend, all, and I hope you get to play outside…


Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.