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The suspense...

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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The suspense, I’m sure, is just killing you, while you wait for my trip report from this weekend’s Tieton trip. The short version will have to suffice for now, since I’m slammed by both jobs at the moment, and my extracurricular activities have overstepped their bounds a bit. A full trip report (already named, but not yet written) will follow as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are a handful of random thoughts from the trip:

  1. Big group climbing trips can actually be a crapload of fun, if you have the right people along.
  2. The world’s greatest climbing trip breakfast is bacon and pancakes.
  3. GPS directions require some thinking, else you wind up an hour in the wrong direction on US-12, failing to meet your objective of meeting up with your non-climber friends (I am so sorry, Jason and Dave — we are talking about another Tieton trip in a few weeks, so I’ll keep you posted and we’ll try again!). On the upside, Chad, the hitchhiking kayaker from Portland, did get a free ride back to his car (and got to hear a little more of a story from Ben Wills from the Internet than he bargained for).
  4. The Trango Cinch may just be the best sport climbing belay device ever made.
  5. Contrary to Tieton’s reputation, I didn’t see or hear a single snake all weekend. I don’t want to jinx myself for my next trip, though, so I’m sure they were everywhere and just… napping or something.
  6. Despite Steve’s initial skepticism, I think we are all in agreement that Kari’s enormous costco tarp is a critical piece of camping gear. So nice to be able to walk around barefoot, do yoga, and calisthenics on the tarp-veranda.
  7. For the second time this summer, I got stung by a bee while belaying. This time was more my fault than the last time… the last time, the bee landed on my arm, I kept still, and it stung me. This time, I was belaying with my Birkenstocks on and the bee wandered between the shoe strap and my foot. I shook my foot to try to flip it off and got stung. I then made a lot of “ow” noises and apparently said “help me, help me, help me” to Kari who had no idea what I needed help with but sprung into action. Don, who was climbing, looked down to double check that I was belaying with a GriGri and kept climbing. I kept belaying while Ben pulled out the stinger and Kari applied first aid (sting pad to the rescue). Talk about a team effort.
  8. Gear climbing is freaking HARD.
  9. Note to self — do that blog post we were all talking about, with all of our various intel on climbing shopping.
  10. Peter, one of the new guys in my climbing herd, is one funny dude.
  11. I am still more of a chicken on lead than I’d like. I have got to work on overcoming my fear of the unknown. I’ve gotten so much stronger physically, but have made only a little progress mentally. I did a few good leads this weekend, but didn’t push my comfort level the way I’d planned to despite being accompanied by some of the world’s best belayers, with whom I was completely comfortable and felt totally safe.
  12. I apparently use a lot of big words when I speak.
  13. I seem to attract sarcastic people.
  14. My diet seems downright normal compared to some of my climbing partners.
  15. What is *your* Mine is, no surprise to some, 26. Let’s just go with that… screw calendar ages.
  16. Tieton may just be my new favorite Washington climbing destination, and Lava Point may be one of the most fun crags in Washington I’ve climbed yet.

Stay tuned for the whole story when I get time to sit down, and, hopefully, have some pictures from our trip photographers to share…

Sara Lingafelter

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