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The Taper, The FISH Pig, The REI Dividend, and The Priorities

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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I’m going to think of my non-climbing weekend as a taper, before my next big trip… but really, that’s a bit of sunshine blowing since I would have been climbing but for having to work both Saturday and Sunday. In between work, though, I did get to my mailbox to adopt my newest pet… a cow-print baby pet pig, made by FISH Products. Russ, at FISH, was quite generous with his time answering my question after question, and since receiving my bag I’ve discovered some unexpected benefits… like, that it appears to be just the right size for an airline carry-on. I’m going to pack it as a “hopeful” carry on for my next trip so that if they put the kibosh on it I can check it without drama, and will report back.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock (or who don’t pay attention to such things — no judgment), REI dividends have shipped. The customary 20% off coupon goes live today with the coupon code “MEMSAVE” through 3/29/2009. I took a little field trip to my neighborhood REI yesterday (the Tacoma location) for a couple of basics and found a steal on the
small Thermarest stuff sacks (which I’ll use as ditty bags) for $3.83 each
(regularly $13.95). You rarely see ditty bags in this size below $5, so that was a good little find. The website doesn’t reflect that price, though, so it must be an in-store thing.

I also picked up a Petzl E-Lite Headlamp to keep in said ditty bag, in pack, at all times as a backup headlamp.

On the shameless commercialism front, our guys in Redmond at have a bunch of coupon codes out this week. Here are the highlights:

Finally, today’s the last day of the “biggest sale ever,” so enjoy it while it lasts.

No other news to report… I’ve got a post in the works for thanks to y’all who have written in and taken the time to tell me your “on the road” stories, so I’ll be following up as I write. If I disappear this week, though, don’t worry — I’m just slammed at work, and may have to prioritize climbing over blogging about climbing this week…


Sara Lingafelter

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