I help people who are "wired differently" become fulfilled in their careers.


Thinkydoers are changemakers and deep thinkers in a society who labels them as "too _____________." 

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Many deep thinkers are frustrated, burned out professionally, and not sure where to turn for help.

Can you relate to struggling with...

  • Career development strategies that force you to mask your true self? 
  • Mind-reading in order to meet expectations?
  • Overthinking to try and understand an incoherent work environment?
  • Isolation and the pressure to “be someone else” to succeed?
  • Doubting your ability to make an impact?
  • Hearing that you’re too ___________ (fill in the blank)?

Even if you're wired differently, finding a fulfilling career shouldn't be so hard.

Gain Confidence

Enjoy a healthy and fulfilling work life —  free from the need to mask or endure toxic job environments.

Reclaim Control

Take control of your career path with strategies to manage stress and remain confidently in charge.

Become Resilient

Build skills for sustainable well-being, whether in an ideal job or navigating less-than-perfect roles.

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I felt stuck, alone, and questioned: 
"What's wrong with me?"

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Being neurodivergent in a work world designed for neurotypical minds is exhausting.

I know you want to be a successful professional. To do that, you need to find a fulfilling career path that feels like the perfect fit for your unique wiring. The problem is, many people -- including a lot of us who are neurodivergent, or who come from backgrounds that don't exactly prepare us for corporate America -- have a hard time succeeding in a work environment that's not set up for us, which can leave you feeling stuck and alone, as if there is something wrong with you.

I believe those of us who are "wired differently" are actually powerful changemakers in disguise. This is why I've spent the last three decades playing my own career on "hard mode." For the last seven years, I’ve immersed myself in learning and inquiry about how to succeed as an introvert, a neurodivergent person, and a strategist in a capitalist, production-based economy, and how to help others do just that.

Here’s how my approach is unique:

  • Interdisciplinary Insight: Leveraging cutting-edge research from motivation science, cognitive science, conflict resolution, high performance and sport science, and organizational behavior.
  • Thinkydoer Framework: This framework helps you recognize and use your unique strengths, turning "hard mode" into a journey of growth and confidence.
  • Authentic Leadership: Developing genuine leadership styles that resonate with who you truly are, moving beyond the traditional expectations of fitting in.

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Don't let another day go by feeling like you have to "be someone else" to succeed.

Together we'll create a career toolkit that not only fits, but celebrates your individuality, ensuring you flourish and find true fulfillment

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There is nothing "wrong" with you

by Sara Lobkovich

I spent a lot of my career, and especially my years in executive leadership, struggling to understand the unspoken rules, expectations, and heuristics most corporate business cultures run on.

For years, the words that ran through my head at work were:

What's wrong with me, that:

  • I don't understand what "success" means?
  • no matter how well my team performs, it never seems to be "good enough?"
  • when I create a project plan, half the team says it's too detailed and half the team says it's not detailed enough?
  • I just can't figure out how this all works?

A few years ago, during a phase of burnout, a little voice in my head spoke up and whispered: 

"What if there is nothing wrong with me?"

My brain replied: 

"Tell me more?"

I realized: I was trying to intuit the rules to a game in a stadium that wasn't built for me. 

Many systems in our work worlds want to talk about change: few have an appetite for the realities and frictions of transformation. Even fewer are comfortable with the truth that sometimes change requires giving away or letting go of power.

If you've found yourself working in a role where change is an imperative (and the immunity to change creates friction against your forward progress), there is nothing "wrong" with you. You might just be a Thinkydoer.

And while we're often content to work alone, when we find each other, we might just change the world.