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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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So, I am really thrilled that people are discovering and reading and participating with this blog. Partly, because it’s just plain fun and I’d do it even if nobody ever read it; I just love writing, and I love climbing, and this gives me a creative outlet. But, it’s kinda cool to also have a side benefit of getting to know other climbers, and other outdoor bloggers, through doing this.

What’s not cool is to find, through a kind of random chain of events, that someone is using your feed and republishing your content without a really clear indication that it was authored by someone else.

I’m all for someone deciding to drive traffic to my little blog… that’s cool. But I’m not all for someone taking my feed, and then putting it up on their own site, with only a little link at the end of the blurb that links to the original site and no clear identification of the original author. Yesterday, I saw my content and a number of other climber bloggers’ content on what looks like a new feed aggregator website. I emailed the site administrator to request that they provide a clear attribution of authorship along with the republished articles, and they responded by pulling my feed rather than putting in place the common sense attribution to the original author. I’m fine with that — I’d rather have my content pulled than used without clear identification of my authorship.

I don’t want to drive traffic to the site, since I don’t want to encourage their approach. If you’re a blogger, and would like to check and see whether your feed is being used, drop me an email and I’ll pass along the URL so that you can check for yourself.

The good news is that my fingers are crossed for a Sunday rock climbing outing to Vantage. Coolness!

Edit, Tuesday PM… the word from other climber/bloggers is that I may have discouraged this rogue agent… it appears that climbing-related feeds have been pulled. I guess the best advice I can give — I found this particular site through keeping an eye on my technorati account, so just keep an eye on your own stats and you should be able to identify if someone is using your content in a way that you don’t care for!

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