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What I learned about climbing at Leavenworth

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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  1. Always carry a second rope.
  2. Take your entire gear rack with you, even if you’re climbing a bolted 5.7 slab.
  3. Bail biners and extra pieces of long webbing are mandatory operating equipment;
  4. If you fail to follow rules 1 through 3, you’d better hope that you have friends nearby reachable by walkie-talkie who have an extra rope; or you’ll learn lesson number 5;
  5. Downclimbing – it’s not just for endurance training anymore!

And holy crap, is downclimbing 5.7 slab scary! Chris is the man – he did a full pitch of downclimbing, basically, without any gear in to protect if he’d fallen… my pitch of downclimbing was at least protected by two (albeit runout) bolts and it was still terrifying.

Sara Lingafelter

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