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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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It has been a LONG time since I did a link love wrap-up… with my recent move to WordPress, it seemed time to update the blogroll.  Here are ten of my favorite blogs… mostly about climbing, but mostly about the climbing life, as well; and two three bonus blogs that are kind of less about climbing, but that I still love.

  • Abbey Smith’s DPM Blog
    Abbey is one of my favorite climbing writers… she blogs for DPM, in addition to writing for the print mags.
  • Chicks with Picks
    Chicks with Picks Gossip Column is a great summary of the week in climbing.
  • Dirtbag Diaries
    Some of the finest content in all of sports and outdoor, produced by Fitz Cahall.
  • Dream in Vertical
    Luke and Lizzy are two of my all time favorite climbing bloggers, climbing mostly in California these days.
  • High Places, by Steph Davis
    My beloved Steph blogging about climbing, furry kids, BASE and wingsuit flying, and her adventure-filled life.
  • IceBella:  Fellow redhead climber girl Gen, blogging about her climbing life.
  • Redhead Writing
    Erika is a climber and a dear friend based in Denver. Her blog is not G-rated, and is not usually about climbing, but she is a phenomenon and I love her.
  • EveryFrog’s Blog
    RockClimberGirl contributor Tiffany’s blog about everything from urban local food and farmers markets to her climbing adventures.

And, a bonus link for A Steady Drip, by Andrew Kornylak… when I only have a moment, and I crave the best of the best in inspiration, A Steady Drip is where I turn.

Enjoy, and please share in the comments… what ELSE should I be reading, now?

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