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Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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This will have to be snappy, since my sleep deprivation level is reaching critical, and I’m hitting the road again tomorrow early…

I had a kick ass day in the climbing gym yesterday with Candace and Tiffany… wow, I am having some serious fun climbing with you two. I’m thankful that my list of girl climbing partners has expanded by several over the last few months. I’m still taking it a little easy on my back and neck after a little injury in December, but along with close to 75 friends I’ve embarked on a pull-up pyramid training program which is giving me something to do even when I’m on the road and not climbing as much as I’d like. This winter really has been less climbing than usual, but I’m looking forward to entering this season uninjured for once, since I haven’t been overtraining all winter in the climbing gym. Woo hoo!

Also coming up… I’m doing a slideshow from my trip to Nepal on January 27th at 6:30 pm at the Kitsap Vertical World. It will be informal, fun, and I promise… there are pretty pictures of mountains.

I’m off again tomorrow morning for Salt Lake City for a week. I’ll have one ski day, and I’m hoping to get to the climbing gym at least once, but since it’s a work trip all bets are off.

There is one time and place where I know I’ll be for sure. I’m on a panel, happening guerilla-style, next door to the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market on Friday at 11am. The panel is called “Boots on the Ground: Real People Getting Things Done in Social Media.” The full info is online at this Facebook Event Page, and here’s the press release. I’ve got a few other social media events I’m hoping to attend to listen in, with more information here.

How’s about a few comments from those of you who are actually getting out there, despite the fact that it’s January? I could use a little bit of inspiration, myself, right about now. Please, let me live vicariously through your climbing adventures, for once…

Sara Lingafelter

Sara (Grace) Lingafelter takes steps forward and backward toward a right-sized life on a daily basis.