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Why is it always re-entry that gets me writing?

Sara Lingafelter
Sara Lingafelter
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It’s been a looooong period of transition since my last post… so much for my commitment to myself to write regularly.  My last journal entry (a daily habit) was written in May and the one before that was in early April. I guess that leaves me lots of opportunity to improve on my “write daily” goal.

So here’s a gimme… the update on the last few months of transition.

Basil seeds at five days old.

I recently accepted a new job (which I am bouncing off the walls excited about) with Verde PR as their Director of Digital and Social Media.  I honestly am still in a bit of happy disbelief about this opportunity… I get to go to work with people I’ve respected and admired for years, who were a part of helping me get established in the Outdoor business in the first place, and I have the responsibility and challenge and joy of doing so in a leadership capacity.  With a dream list of clients.  In the industry I love.  With fewer restrictions on the ways in which I engage with the industry (and write and publish and speak both in my professional and personal capacity) than I have for the last year and a half.

And the kicker?  Verde is based in Heaven, Earth (aka, Durango, Colorado with offices in Boulder, CO and Jackson, WY) so my trips to the office, when they happen, will not involve twisting my arm.  And the rest of the time, I’ll be working from dear old Seattle, WA … approximately 13 blocks from my sister’s house, with a prolific cherry / shade / nap tree in the back yard, and my (growing) vegetable garden out the window when I need a break.  Yes, I am staying in Seattle and starting Verde’s Seattle office, which is an absolute dream come true for me.  Literally.  I wrote it down in my journal at a few different points during the last couple of years.

This morning’s journal entry was about what I see this “new life” being like… what my goals are for taking care of myself, my relationships, and the business.  They’re simple things, and I left space in my journal (I still write that stuff long hand) for additions, since these types of lists grow and change over time, for me.  But the basics, so far, are:

Take care of my relationships and myself.  I have evolved to a place where I need not list myself first in order to put myself first, so that’s the way the order is getting written.  Professional and personal, relationships are the first priority.  Weekly (at least) girl dates; unplugged, no-screen, “office closed” time with my man; and time with family are the goal.

As far as taking care of myself, this means taking care of my relationships, AND honoring a few other commitments to myself.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  Write. Eat well and drink lots of water.  Keep my doctor’s appointments (and make that dentist appointment I’ve been putting off for years).  Leave the house.  Wearing clothes, not pajamas.  Do my hair at least a few times a week.  Take myself on inspiration dates to the Aquarium or the coffee shop or the arboretum or the nursery or the art museum since when I get stuck, those are some of my best possibilities of getting unstuck (and if those strategies fail, there’s always my own personal miracle worker, my coach, Amy).  Finish my “address change” notifications and catch up on my stupid paper mail (my LORD I love letters and postcards and hate that doing personal business still involves envelopes).  Give what is needed, but don’t strangle the bottle.  Water the vegetable garden.  And in life and work, remember that if you wait for harvest to start new seeds then there will be a time when you go hungry.

I’ll also be experimenting with systems for organization and efficiency (since that’s what I do) and will share what I learn here.  And a total 180 from that, the last few months have also turned my understanding of my own health on its head, so I’ll probably be sharing a little bit of that stuff here too (since it’s what’s going on with me, and I’m learning a ton, and I’m healthier than I have been in years, so it’s hard to not shout everything I’m learning from the rooftops).

People keep asking me if I’m going to be firing up again now that my “free time” activities are less restricted than they have been, and I guess the jury’s a little bit out on that one — but man, am I flattered that people have asked.  My life has shifted so much since those years that in a way I look back on that few years with wonder, and bemused curiousity about the woman I was and the way I lived (singularly devoted to climbing, basically).  I used to envy recreational climbers, who could just go out occasionally and climb something and be happy about it without training every day and climbing harder and harder and couldn’t imagine that being me.  And now it is.  During our vacation in June, we were on the road for a little over two weeks with a huge bin of climbing gear and a bouldering pad in the car.  We covered over 3,000 miles, traveling within an hour or two of so many world class climbing areas it pains me a bit to even think about it.  We climbed exactly one perfect day:  at City of Rocks, with seven or eight falcons circling overhead and watching our progress without uttering a single sound of caution or distress.  It was one of the best climbing day I’ve had in a long time, and I look forward to many more of those — bookended by days spent not climbing, and doing other things I love.  So yes, I’ll be again, but likely in a more balanced, less singularly-focused kind of way.  Where climbing is one part of my life (blissfully, with extreme gratitude and appreciation, since it looked for awhile there like climbing would no longer be a part of my life at all) but not my whole life.

So that’s the teaser of what’s to come.  🙂

And Thom, start your blog.  I can help this week.

Now, it’s your turn:  How do YOU put yourself and your relationships first, in your life?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!



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