Coaching No-BS OKRs 

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Becoming an OKR coach -- even with training -- is not easy. Even highly motivated coaches may burn out because the available training tends to be either too high-altitude or overwhelming.

This course is an excellent step toward building your own tool kit for OKR Coaching, building on the No-BS OKRs model.

About this learning experience

This is our most comprehensive deep-dive into No-BS OKRs, suitable for aspiring OKR coaches, as well as OKR core team members and dedicated OKR leaders. 

Participants who complete this course will learn and practice coaching others through the creation of No-BS Objectives and Key Results (No-BS OKRs) as a mechanism for communicating vision and clarifying expectations with their teams.

If you wish to become a certified No-BS OKRs Coach after completing this course, you may choose to complete an additional practicum, which involves recording OKR coaching sessions for feedback, and a competency evaluation by OKR Master Coach Sara Lobkovich.

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What Our Graduates Say

I’ve put together the Coaching No-BS OKRs course to give you powerful, tested, and proven methods to boost your confidence, increase your impact, and build a more fulfilling practice as an OKR Coach:

...to enable you to spend more time focused on achieving the change and impact that you see possible.

Looking to increase your OKR Coaching confidence?

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