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If you're looking for hands-on help beyond training and development, we offer half-day strategy sessions, group facilitation, and high-value 1:1 coaching as a fast way to make big progress. And if you're looking for help for your organization or company, visit my sister site: Red Currant Collective.

OKR Coaching with Sara Lobkovich

  • Focused, customized, 1:1 or group-facilitated OKR coaching sessions yield your most impactful OKRs yet, in a fraction of the time
  • Choose a one-time workshop for your leadership team offsite or special event, or, an annual package for quarterly support
  • I work with organizations of all sizes, in nearly any industry, as long as the organization is focused on meaningfully improving performance and human experiences with their brand.

Sara Lobkovich, by the numbers

15+ years

of professional professional experience and advanced multidisciplinary training inform our core curriculum on the Connected Strategic™ Organization

10+ years

of executive strategic leadership in complex creative and technical environments

2,000+ OKR Coaches Trained

to date, in 300+ organizations globally

Named an OKR Master Coach in 2021

by a leading OKR software platform and OKR Coach Training organization

700+ hours

of professional OKR workshop facilitation for organizations large, small, and 1:1 with individual leaders

From 1 to the Fortune 100

Sara has lead OKR methodology roll-outs and turnarounds for teams as small as a solo practitioner and as large as a 4,000+ person deployment in a Fortune 100 organization

Half-Day High Impact Strategy Session(s)

  • Strategy sessions are designed to enable individuals to access strategic support specific to your situation and needs, without the time pressure of one-hour coaching sessions, and without a long-term commitment or ongoing retainer
  • Topics may include development of your own Connected Strategic Stack, Objective and Key Result support, internal communication, and conflict handling behavioral skill development.
  • Strategic implementation and operational improvement is also a frequent topic for Strategy Sessions, including debugging what's not working in your current strategic implementation approach, to develop a more effective and efficient way forward.
  • If you are looking for help for your organization (including speaking engagements, workshops, training, and offsite facilitation), please visit our sister site, Red Currant Collective.


Your organization can learn No-BS OKRs and Rebelutionary Leadership Skills from the source

  • Ready-to-deliver No-BS OKR enablement options include Introduction to OKRs, Creating No-BS OKRs, and Leading with No-BS OKRs
  • OKR Coaching training available for organizational coaching / consulting clients
  • Why create a custom curriculum when you can take advantage of my proven, highly-rated OKR and leadership skill development courses, delivered live and/or via our hybrid corporate LMS?


Are you ready to dive in and continue your learning journey?

Asynchronous self-paced courses are ready to begin on your own schedule. Live learning opportunities  are available on a monthly basis. Single half- or full-day strategy sessions are a fast way to make big progress. And if you're looking for help for your organization or company, visit our sister site: Red Currant Collective.

1:1 Individual Coaching 

  • Focused, customized, 1:1 coaching sessions on a membership or "6-pack" basis help you identify and achieve your career and leadership goals
  • Choose between our convenient recurring membership model that provides predictable, ongoing support for longer-term change and growth efforts
  • Or, choose our "6-pack" for solution-focused support around a specific goal or issue
  • Special programs focused on work-life well-being, and wellness during a job search or career pivot are occasionally available at discounted rates;
  • No long-term commitment; cancel or pause at any time
  • Our premium coaching offering, designed for participants who are struggling and/or suffering in their current work lives, and need help plotting a healthy and satisfying way forward.

Learn with Sara live, via remote workshops & classes

  • Live remote learning experiences help you build skills in OKR Coaching, Leading the Connected Strategic Organization, and other topics to increase your career impact and satisfaction
  • Virtual instructor-led format emphasizes participant practice, with coaching and support as you go
  • Connect with other Thinkydoers and learn together, to build your network of fellow changemakers and status quo challengers
  • All courses feature synchronous and asynchronous Q&A with Sara, and some courses feature live Q&A / office hours, or a 1:1 coaching session with Sara to make sure your questions are answered

Self-paced learning, on demand

  • Inexpensive, start-anytime courses let you develop your leadership and workplace well-being skills on your own schedule
  • Develop new skills you can put into practice today to increase your confidence and clarity at work
  • All courses feature asynchronous Q&A with Sara, and some courses feature live Q&A / office hours, or a 1:1 coaching session with Sara to make sure your questions are answered
  • Right now, courses are available for learning about Objectives and Key Results, with other Thinkydoer topics on the way!


Sara Lobkovich, J.D.

OKR Coach, Executive Coach & Principal Consultant

Sara works with a passion for helping leaders and teams understand their strengths and achieve peak performance. She enjoys a long, entrepreneurial career in technology, law, marketing / advertising, strategic ops and organizational learning and change.

Her work builds on well-honed expertise leading adult learning, instructional design, marketing, creative strategy and strategic operations at some of the world’s largest enterprises, and in public sector and political roles.

Her highest and best use is in high-stakes, high-consequence work where change is not optional.

Sara was named an OKR Master Coach by a leading OKR software platform, and is an OKR Coach Trainer with ten years of professional-level experience teaching adult learners globally. She's trained in conflict resolution and mediation, and is a professional well-being coach who brings a focus on human wellness, psychological safety and trust to her work helping organizations and leaders achieve their goals.

She hosts the Thinkydoers podcast and makes regular guest and media appearances as an expert on organizational goal-setting and achievement, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), mobilizing teams for peak performance using motivation science, and best practices for self-management for leaders and their teams. She’s the creator of the Evolutionary OKRs approach to Objectives and Key Results, which helps organizations and people set and achieve meaningful goals when people matter.

Her approach to peak performance draws on her other life in high-speed, high-stakes professional motorsports. Sara is a 20+ year avid motorcyclist and co-owns CW Moto Racing, a professional motorcycle racing team operating in MotoAmerica, the U.S. national road racing series.

For more information about Sara, find her on LinkedIn, and her speaker profile is on SpeakerHub. Personal writing (and information about Sara’s motorcycle life) is linked to from


Now waitlisting:

Rebelutionary Leadership

(Formerly Leading the Connected Strategic Organization)

An intensive for people leaders at all levels of the organization to develop a leadership and management toolkit designed to boost your confidence, improve team member engagement, and increase retention among your highest-potential team members.


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