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There is nothing "wrong" with you

by Sara Lobkovich

I spent a lot of my career, and especially my years in executive leadership, struggling to understand the unspoken rules, expectations, and heuristics most corporate business cultures run on.

For years, the words that ran through my head at work were:

What's wrong with me, that:

  • I don't understand what "success" means?
  • no matter how well my team performs, it never seems to be "good enough?"
  • when I create a project plan, half the team says it's too detailed and half the team says it's not detailed enough?
  • I just can't figure out how this all works?

A few years ago, during a phase of burnout, a little voice in my head spoke up and whispered: 

"What if there is nothing wrong with me?"

My brain replied: 

"Tell me more?"

I realized: I was trying to intuit the rules to a game in a stadium that wasn't built for me. 

Many systems in our work worlds want to talk about change: few have an appetite for the realities and frictions of transformation. Even fewer are comfortable with the truth that sometimes change requires giving away or letting go of power.

If you've found yourself working in a role where change is an imperative (and the immunity to change creates friction against your forward progress), there is nothing "wrong" with you. You might just be a Thinkydoer.

And while we're often content to work alone, when we find each other, we might just change the world.

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